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Free Class: Skyrocket Your Blog Pageviews Using Google Analytics

skyrocket pageviews google analytics pinable image .jpg
skyrocket pageviews google analytics pinable image .jpg

Free Class: Skyrocket Your Blog Pageviews Using Google Analytics


Are you ready to take your blog to the next level? If you feel like you have been promoting your heart out, but aren’t seeing much return in pageviews, we are here to help! Most bloggers are missing out on the huge benefits offered in Google Analytics, because they don’t know how to access the information they need.

Join us to learn how you can use Google Analytics to make your pageviews skyrocket! 

Full Class Text And Printables Below

Meet our instructors: Kelli Miller and Crystal VanTassel-Lopez are the bloggers behind the popular Learn To Blog Hangouts. They have both built their personal blogs into income-generating sites using the methods they are going to share with you in this free class.


DAY 1: Installing Google Analytics and the secret tool for profit growth

Time: 20 minutes

Check out Kelli and Crystal's video to find out how to install Google Analytics correctly, and the secret setting you need to enable on your account.

Day 1 Assignment 
1. Ensure Google Analytics is installed and set up correctly on your blog, including enabling our “super-secret setting”. Doing so will allow you to understand what your readers are buying, so you can ultimately develop a product that is right for your audience! This tool* is a game changer once installed. 
2. Now that you know Google Analytics is tracking properly on your blog, download the printable to track your stats each month.

Day 1 Printable 
Blog Stats Tracking Sheet

*Note: If you are using Yoast on your blog, you may need to read this to help you enable the secret setting. 



Time: 30 minutes

Check out Kelli and Crystal's video to learn how to use the stats you unlocked to see what people in each age demographic are interested in on your blog.

Day 2 Assignment
1. Look at your stats to find the top five posts your smallest age demographic is reading. 
2. Use the image table template to create links to the other top posts this age demographic is viewing.

Day 2 Handout
Image Table Template Code



Time: 30-60 minutes per blog post

Checkout Kelli and Crystal's video to learn about linking strategically. 

Day 3 Assignment
1. Look at your most popular posts, and determine which ones have a bounce rate over 70%.
2. Update your posts, making sure you are linking properly and using the strategies in today's video lesson.


Kelli and Crystal's Skyrocket Your Pageviews eBook has more steps and assignments to help you continue to use Google Analytics to increase your pageviews. Get your copy here! At only $19.99, it's a small investment to see big growth on your blog. You've taken the first few steps - let's keep that momentum going!