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Free Class: Building A Profitable Blog From Day One


Free Class: Building A Profitable Blog From Day One


The goal of this challenge is to give your blog a boost and set up the foundation for a sustainable online business that focuses on internet marketing principles designed to build residual passive income (reliance on sponsored posts is not sustainable for the long-run, and advertising is dependent on constant traffic and lots of hard work). With the principles we are sharing in this free blogging class, you can make a comfortable living, even with a small, loyal audience! 

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Meet our instructor: The co-founder of Blogger Babes and professional blogger since 2004, Ponn Sabra, has sectioned her Ultimate Blogging Binder into 5 lessons and assignments to help you achieve this goal. 

Building A Profitable Blog


There are 5 steps to the Blogger Babes guide to Writing Great Blog Posts Fast:

  1. Plan.
  2. Research.
  3. Use Tools.
  4. Add Graphics.
  5. Promote.

So to start this out right, let's get planning...

Your Yearly Visions and Goals
It's time to reflect on the past and write out your visions, goals, and ideas for 2016! If you haven't downloaded your free Blogging Binder from The Blogger Babes, do so now. Use the worksheets on pages 22-27 of the Blogging Binder to get started. If you don't know what you want as your goal, don't worry--just have fun and brainstorm on page 26.

Still can’t get your creative juices moving? Got you covered! Turn to page 27 and write out what you’ve been up to lately. Reflect on your blog last year--things you liked, things you didn’t like, and most importantly, things that worked. For example, blog posts that hit a chord with your audience are things you should write about more often.

Your Monthly Visions and Goals 
Once you’ve set your year’s outlook, you can set monthly blogging goals. Plan your posts for the month with the Monthly Goals Printable on page 33, and create a blog editorial calendar with Google Calendar, the Blogger Babes plugin of choice (it’s free!), or whatever method works well for you.

Promote Your Work 
Use the epic “Before I Publish this Blog Post” checklist on page 157.

Day 1 Assignment

Time: 10 – 30 minutes 
Use the monthly calendar and determine the frequency of posts and which days you’ll publish. In January 2015, Blogger Babes set out to post every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday with posts at least 500 words, and at least one 1000+ word post a month. For 2016, they increased that frequency to 7 days a week, sometimes with multiple posts a day. Half the posts are 500-1000 words, the other half 1,000+, and at least one post a month is a 2,000-10,000 word pillar post. You may not be ready for a post frequency that high. That's okay. Make a solid plan that will work for you.


There are 8 simple steps to the becoming a thought-leader as shared in the Blogger Babes guide, Establishing Credibility as an Authority Blogger:

  1. Evaluate other experts.
  2. Determine what credentials you need.
  3. Ask yourself: Do you need credentials?
  4. Mine your competition.
  5. Begin storytelling.
  6. Determine your audience.
  7. Apply practical experience.
  8. Always be authentic.

Identifying Your Target Audience 
One of the best ways to identify your target market is to create or define your target audience persona. This means sketching out one ideal person to whom you address every blog post you create, every sales copy you write, and every free gift you share.

Go to Section 4 of your Blogging Binder, and you’ll reach the Blog Content Planner and Publicity Worksheets. We’re especially zoning in on the “Target Audience Persona” worksheet on page 129, but be sure to flip through them all to get a refresher for what encompasses content planning.

Day 2 Assignment

Time: 10 – 30 minutes 
Review the “101 Types of Blog Posts” Brainstorming Checklist on page 130. Check the types of posts you’ve already completed and highlight the ones which could position you as a thought leader, expert, and authority blogger in your niche. Use these marks as a guide to determine which kinds of posts you want to add to the monthly blog calendar you made yesterday.

Added Bonus: Pick a single blog content planner worksheet (pages 124-154) from your Binder and start outlining notes for an expert-style blog post, such as recommending your favorite niche-specific book or tool. Plan to incorporate an affiliate link. Finish writing the post and select a date to publish it according to the topics you came up with yesterday.


There are 5 steps in the Blogger Babes guide to Creating Passive Income Now:

  1. Understand what options are possible to make money with your blog.
  2. Assess all your options (affiliate marketing, advertising, selling yourself, products, or investing).
  3. Set it all up!
  4. Plan your portfolio.
  5. Finally: Execute that plan. Woohoo!

One model for building recurring residual income is to create a monthly subscription service or information product. The Blogger Babes’ Blogger Building Blocks monthly training ekits are a great example of this. But there has to be a roll-out to launching such a long-term investment in your time and resources, so you need to make sure there’s a market and desire for such a subscription. You’ll learn more about this critical step tomorrow.

Day 3 Assignment

Spend today brainstorming services or products that would be a good fit for your blog - tomorrow we will teach you how to create a sales funnel to make those brainstormed ideas a reality. Take a look at the ekits at Blogger Babes for inspiration, and get caught up on your homework from Days 1 & 2.



A sales funnel is a visual representation of the path you want your target audience persona to take. Creating your sales funnel will give you a map for the path along which you want to lead every new blog visitor.

A sales funnel model works best with tiers, like this:

  1. Free (example: the content on your blog)
  2. Exchanges (example: offering a freebie, like the Blogging Binder, in exchange for joining your email list)
  3. Low-cost products (example: Blogger Babes eguides starting at $1 to $7)
  4. Mid-cost products (example: Blogger Babes $27 ekits and $37 ebooks)
  5. High-cost products (example: Blogger Babes offers a $97 ekit bundle, and $350/hour private one-on-one coaching)

In September 2014, when Heidi and Ponn decided to form a partnership, they used this awesome “My Offer Funnel” plugin by tech-genius Lynette Chandler to plan everything. Here’s a screenshot of Blogger Babes’ sales funnel written in September 2014. Eighteen months later, they’ve focused on their plan, and they’re still building and growing one tier at a time.

Day 4 Assignment

Section 2 of the Blogging Binder has 5 financial record worksheets, including page 13’s “My Sales Funnel.” Work through the “My Sales Funnel” worksheet, taking a look at the Blogger Babes example above.

Then complete the task on page 11 in the Blogging Binder. Document your blog and social media analytics as your baseline. While you don’t need millions of blog readers or social media followers, you do need to have a decent number to make your blog profitable. Your goal is to increase these numbers each and every month.