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If a domain is your street address, then hosting can be considered your house. Put another way, web hosting is the infrastructure that WordPress users utilize to maintain their site on the web. There are various options for hosting plans. One point to consider when choosing a host is how much bandwidth you will need for your site. Often, a standard hosting plan is more than sufficient for a blogger just starting out, but as sites grow, more space may be needed.

Choosing a Hosting Company

Here are the hosting options that we recommend at both ends of the spectrum. All of our top picks are based on years of professional experience working with a multitude of different companies.


Who We Use: Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a solid option for those looking for affordable hosting and technical support available by phone. Keep in mind that although you can get in touch with support 24/7, reviews of their customer service span a range of not-so-great to fantastic.

Shared Server

For this level of hosting, your blog will be hosted on a server that is shared with other websites. What it means is that if one site's usage goes way up, access to your website may temporarily fluctuate. Read more about shared hosting here. If you run a mid-sized blog, 10,000-50,000 monthly page views, then this is the option you should consider.


  • Cost: $14.95 when paid monthly, $12.46 when paid annually.
  • 2 free domain names.


  • While they have 24 hour support, they do not guarantee being able to handle all issues.
  • You are on shared hosting, unless you buy your own VPS package.

Dedicated Server

Have you blown past the 50,000 monthly page view mark and are looking for more robust hosting? Then a dedicated server is the option you should be considering. What this means is that your hosting is not shared, so the chance of your blog being "down" are kept to a minimum. Read more about dedicated hosting here.


Low Cost Hosting: Blue Host

Blue Host is a great option for those who may be blogging to capture family memories, as a hobby, or who are just starting out. It is the least expensive option that we recommend. Keep in mind that as our lowest pricing hosting option, you most likely will need to troubleshoot hacks, downtime and other issues on your own.


  • Cost: You can get started as low as $4.95 per month.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Anytime money back guarantee.


Often times when you utilize a very low priced host, your blog or website is added to a shared server. What this means is that if one site on the shared server starts to gobble up a lot of the bandwidth, then your blog could potentially be affected in terms of its speed and availability. While tech support is available, it is not very robust. If you are hacked, you will most likely need to hire a programmer to help you get back on track and restore your site.

Want to Learn More?

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